How Do You Ask a Client for Feedback

How do you ask for client feedback? // Michael Janda and Jacob Cass discuss proven methods for asking for client feedback. Always present the work. Train your client on what types of feedback are most valuable before you show them the work. Make sure there is one mouthpiece for the client. This person should consolidate all client feedback. Make sure you that the decision makers are involved early.

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5 Things We Look for in Job Interviews

A few months ago my management team and I were discussing converting one our our talented interns into a full-time employee. As a small business, we don’t take this lightly at Riser. Our objective is to hire people who will be with us for a long time in a mutually beneficial relationship. As such, I did a little soul searching to determine our hiring strategy and landed on this analysis when considering adding a member to our team.

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11 Things Designers Should Do When They Don’t Have Work

The exhilaration of having a ton of cash flowing in and the agony of hearing crickets chirping instead of client phone calls, it is the life of a designer. Countless times in my career I have had moments of panic when the phone stops ringing. “Will it ever ring again?” “Should I apply for that job at McDonalds?” “Does my Mom still have a bed for me at her house?”

What I have learned is that lulls in work can be turned to a calm before the storm if you do the right things. (And, by the way, human nature’s inspiration to have you play Call of Duty all night, watch movies, kill six hours on Facebook, or go to the pool all day is NOT the right thing. Engage in too much of those activities and McDonalds may be your only career option.) Continue Reading