Handling Trade Requests

When a Client Wants to Pay with Trade, Michael Janda and Cassi Nicole. // How to handle a client who wants to pay with a trade of services. // Clients offer to trade all kinds of crazy things for design services. I once had a client offer my agency a freezer full of beefalo meat in lieu of some of their payment. In this video we discuss some things to consider when a client offers a trade deal. Most importantly, YOU are in control of your business. YOU dictate the terms, not your client.

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Bad Logos and Good Branding

Bad Logos & Good Branding. Michael Janda and G’day Frank // Branding takes time and distribution. There is evidence that anything can be effectively branded over time. Take a look at Goodle’s original logo…which they used for many years, effectively building a multi-hundred billion dollar company. The visual brand matters, but circulation of that brand matters even more.

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