How to Find a Design Mentor

How to Find a Design Mentor // Michael Janda and Elize Todd discuss how to find a mentor. Elizé explains that there are mentors all around. Follow people on social media, read books, consume content. Your mentor doesn’t need to know that they are your mentor. Michael talks about the importance of building a supporting relationship with a potential mentor first. Don’t just go for the ask. Support them and they will likely support you back when the time come.

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How to Land High Profile Clients

It seems that every designer wants to land bigger and better clients. The dream of working for some of the world’s marquee brands has a lot of allure. In this video, Michael Janda and Lubos Volkov discuss each of their route to working with A-list clients like Disney, Google, Fiat, Chrysler and many others. There are a few routes to landing high profile work. First, you can build a reputation in the industry to a point where those types of clients will seek you out. Second, you can build relationships with people inside of those business to help you open the door to opportunity. Finally, you can build a freelancer relationship with the agency of record for those clients.

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Building Your Business Through Relationships

Michael Janda with Julian Rotondo talk about their experiences growing their design businesses through building real relationships with their clients. People do business with people they trust. In order for a client to trust you, they need to know you and have a deeper relationship. It is time to stop being afraid to get out from behind your computer and to go and meet with your current clients face to face…then get involved in networking groups and start building new client relationships.

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