How to Land High Profile Clients

It seems that every designer wants to land bigger and better clients. The dream of working for some of the world’s marquee brands has a lot of allure. In this video, Michael Janda and Lubos Volkov discuss each of their route to working with A-list clients like Disney, Google, Fiat, Chrysler and many others. There are a few routes to landing high profile work. First, you can build a reputation in the industry to a point where those types of clients will seek you out. Second, you can build relationships with people inside of those business to help you open the door to opportunity. Finally, you can build a freelancer relationship with the agency of record for those clients.

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Building Your Business Through Relationships

Michael Janda with Julian Rotondo talk about their experiences growing their design businesses through building real relationships with their clients. People do business with people they trust. In order for a client to trust you, they need to know you and have a deeper relationship. It is time to stop being afraid to get out from behind your computer and to go and meet with your current clients face to face…then get involved in networking groups and start building new client relationships.

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How to Transition from Logo Design to Brand Strategy

How to Transition from Logo Design to Brand Strategy // Michael Janda and Jacob Cass discuss the ways that a designer can transition from logo design to brand strategy. This service offering will position you away from the Fiverr designers of the world and allow you to increase your value to your clients and the amount of money you can charge them to work with you.

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The Motherland of Value

The Motherland of Value with Michael Janda and Cassi Nicole // Clients often come to a creative person to help solve an assumed problem in their business. They want a new website, more sales, a new brand. But is that their real problem? Every designer’s goal should be to grow into a consultant role, as opposed to an order-taker. A consultant helps the client see and understand the problems in their business, and then provides strategies and tactics to help the client solve them.

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Your client is trying to hire you to solve X problem but is that their REAL problem? Is that their only problem? Building your ability to see the REAL problems of a business, and create a plan to solve them, is how you can dramatically increase the value you provide to your clients…and consequently increase the amount of money you can charge for your services. Want to make more money? Learn to see and solve the big problems of a business.

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Bad Logos and Good Branding

Bad Logos & Good Branding. Michael Janda and G’day Frank // Branding takes time and distribution. There is evidence that anything can be effectively branded over time. Take a look at Goodle’s original logo…which they used for many years, effectively building a multi-hundred billion dollar company. The visual brand matters, but circulation of that brand matters even more.

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