Business Coaching for Creatives

Are you working a ton of hours without much profit to show for it? Do you feel stuck and unsure how to grow? Is your freelance business bursting at the seams but you feel afraid to take it to the next level? I feel you. I’ve been in your shoes. I can help.
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One-on-One Custom Coaching

No Contracts or Long Term Packages

High Level Help at Affordable Pricing

Business Coaching with Michael Janda


Everything is customized for you. I don’t have a set program that I take you through. I examine your current state of business and then customize my approach to fit your specific needs and challenges. I will never try to hard sell you into bigger packages or long term contracts.


We will use Zoom to have a video conference together. Each session is recorded for your future reference.


We can speak as often as you need. Many of my clients have a weekly session, some are every other week, some are once per month, and some just reach out in “emergencies.” I am flexible to accommodate the needs of your business.


Before each session, I ask my clients to send me a bullet point list of 3-5 talking points they want to be sure we discuss. This helps me prepare in advance and it empowers both of us stay focused on priorities to maximize each session.

Pricing ($150/session):

Most coaches with my level of expertise charge $500-1,000+ per session. These high price points are not affordable for many people who really need help. In an effort to provide an affordable coaching option for smaller businesses, I charge $150 per 1-hour session. (In person sessions for people in my local area are $175 per session.) My pricing model is also designed to allow us to work together often, to get into the details of your business and make a big impact.


After each session is complete, I will send you a PayPal request for $150 (or $175 for in-person sessions – with pre-approval). Payments are due upon receipt.


If you would like to schedule a session, you can use my Calendly to pick an open time slot. (If there are no sessions that fit your schedule due to our time difference, please message me and we will work something out.)

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Build a winning brand and differentiate.

Find a niche and improve marketing.

Manage difficult clients and projects.

Implement business systems and reduce stress.

Understand finances and project revenue.

Learn how and when to hire.

Increase your prices and profits.

Develop sales skills and processes.

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