The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing

When it comes to pricing their work, most designers are just pulling numbers out of thin air hoping to make a profit. This book changes that. No more guessing. Price your graphic design work with confidence. Win more bids. Make more money. I will show you how.
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When it comes to pricing their work, far too many freelance designers and agencies merely guess what to charge their clients. As a result, profitable projects have as much to do with luck as they do anything else. In the Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing, you’ll learn how to take luck out of the equation by calculating the cost to produce your work, understanding its market value and extracting your client’s budget. These three variables are used in the Spectrum System which will empower you to price your work with confidence and profitability in every project opportunity.

Michael Janda is an award-winning creative director, designer, agency veteran and author. For more than 20 years Michael has worked with an esteemed client list that includes Disney, Google, Warner Bros., Fox, NBC, ABC, National Geographic and many other high-profile brands. Michael’s book, Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff They Don’t Teach You In Design School But Should, was published in 2013 and has been one of the top-selling design industry books since its release.

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  • Available early 2019!
  • 200 pages
  • Step-by-step worksheets
  • Calculate your production costs
  • Understand market value
  • Extract your client’s budget
  • Bid with the right project price
  • Increase your profitability

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