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From: Michael Janda
Attn: Creative Freelancers & Agency Owners

Dear Designer Friend,

I know there is a lot of snake oil salesman out there. You are right to be cautious with all the free masterclasses, funnels and courses. I know I am. To be honest, I hate…and I mean HATE…selling this way! Run an ad, drive people to some free value, then upsell them into courses etc. I really do hate it. But that’s the game and unfortunately I have to play because THIS STRATEGY WORKS and it would be a disservice to you if I didn’t get it into your hands.

I share the exact strategies and systems I developed over 15 years of running my agency. During that time I generated $30,430,291 in revenue, employed more than 100 creatives and won Inc. 5000 twice all while executing on projects for Disney, Google, ABC, NBC, Fox and a TON of other high profile brands. (BTW – I sold my agency in 2015 and then after my buyout finished in 2018, I left the agency to do what I do now…my real passion…teaching and mentoring creative entrepreneurs. I am truly living my dream…not doing what I do for “the money” – if I was I’d be charging a lot more for my content – no, I do this because I really do love it. See you succeed is my greatest joy…and I love playing the “entrepreneur game” with my students.

We weren’t doing small projects either (although we did have our share of those too). We were selling and executing on highly profitable, six figure $$$$$$ websites. 

This specific free training is a complete walkthrough of my exact proposal process I used at my agency to land high dollar websites. If you’re feeling stuck in low budget, small client, fill with drama, painful website projects WATCH this free training. I modified my process and templates over years of projects crafting THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to sell high dollar websites. 

  • Land more website projects.
  • Increase your prices and win!
  • Control the project process.
  • Easily manage the scope and change orders.

You can start using my strategies as soon as the FREE training is over and I KNOW it will help you land $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000+ website projects. It worked for me and it has worked for thousands of my students. It will work for you. Prepare to have your mind blown…

Where should we send your free training?

This FREE masterclass is an in-depth walkthrough of the exact proposal template and sales process I used to land hundreds of website projects for top clients.

“I just closed a $90k contract deal! OMG, I just ran the presentation like you said. I beat out 7 other people because I asked.”

– Julian Lopez, Founder of It’s a Prolific World

“I LANDED A $15k/MONTH CLIENT— for a year minimum. They said they were ‘blown away’ by my proposal. And they didn’t try to cut any costs anywhere (like everyone has tried to do in the past). It’s incredible. You literally changed my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️”

Vanessa RankinOrganized Kaos Media

“I just took everything I learned in your Web Design Bootcamp and landed my first $30k website project! I learned the process from you and took your proposal templates and adapted them for my process and brand design, presented to the client and they accepted. No questions asked. Incredible.”

Dave TaylorWestrock Creative

“In my 20 years as a designer, your course has been the most valuable asset I have purchased. It’s changed my perspective, and within the first month, I locked in around $40K AUS of new client work, which had a lot to do with your discovery meeting and proposal sales process steps.”

Harris RobotisSubtitled Design

Still wondering if this could possibly be the real deal? It is FREE! No risk to check it out.

This is the stuff I learned in the trenches of the real world, growing a creative agency with high dollar projects. Check out my agency sizzle reel below to see some of our work.

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