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Your Business is a We // Referring to your business as “we” can help your clients start seeing you in a bigger light. Many clients feel like they can order freelancers around since it is just a single person and in their perception “not a real business.” By referring to yourself as “we” you can begin to change your client’s perception of your business. And the truth is, no freelancer is completely independent. There are always other people involved in a business. This video is an excerpt from a coaching call with Jade Warrington, a super talented freelance designer based in London.

Michael Janda

I am Michael Janda, an executive level creative leader with more than 25 years of experience in both in-house creative departments and agencies working with some of the greatest brands in the world including Disney, Google, Fox, ABC and NBC. I create books, courses, workshops, lectures and other training materials to help creative entrepreneurs run successful businesses.