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No more guessing and let’s get rid of your worrying too. I’ve been in your shoes from solo freelancer (afraid of my business) to thriving agency owner with $30 million+ revenue. I am on a mission to help you maximize the success of your creative business.

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No More Worrying. No More Guessing. I'll Help You Run Your Creative Business.

I know what it’s like to be a fearful freelancer and I scaled my creative business to an eight figure creative agency that I sold. If you’re at the start of your business, somewhere in the middle, or working toward an exit, I’ve been there and I can help.

Group Coaching

My group coaching program is the most economical choice for growing creative entrepreneurs offering four group sessions per month plus loads of valuable content inside my community, More Creative Academy.

Group Coaching

1:1 Mentoring

Dedicated 1:1 mentoring sessions happen over video conference and enable us to dig deep into the custom challenges your business faces. Sessions can be scheduled as frequently as needed with no longterm commitment.

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“Michael Janda is the guiding light that helped my agency scale from zero to over $1,000,000 in revenue in under a year.”

– Hillel Hurwitz, Founder & CEO of Bald Agency

Group Coaching in
More Creative Academy

Get me (Michael Janda) as your official mentor and a community of support! I am thrilled you are considering joining MCA. Our mission is to maximize the prosperity of your creative business by providing you with high level mentoring (daily direct access to me), robust business resources, and community support.

  • Live Lessons and QA with Michael Janda (2x per month)
  • Group Coaching with Michael Janda (2x per month)
  • 50% Off 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • Instant Access to Event Replays
  • MCA In-Person Retreats
  • Daily DM Access to Michael Janda
  • Community Discussion Board
  • Script Library
  • Video Lesson Library
  • Written Lesson Library
  • Proposals & Contracts Library
  • Pricing Book (Digital)
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Get a sneak peek inside an MCA live sessions for FREE! In the lesson, “Every Possible Way to Find Clients,” Michael Janda teaches dozens of ways to find clients for your creative business. FREE

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1:1 Mentoring Sessions
with Michael Janda

When I started my full-time freelance career in 2002, I was a ship lost at sea with no rudder, no map, and no compass. I didn’t understand the dynamics of my business. I didn’t know how to price or contract my work. I didn’t know how to transition from freelancer to agency. I had no mentor, no guidance, but I figured it out. I grew from my freelance basement office to a multi-million dollar, Inc. 5000 winning agency with a full-time staff of 20 creatives working out of a studio I owned. I sold my agency in 2015 and now dedicate my time to helping creative entrepreneurs grow their creative businesses. I am on a mission to be the mentor I always wish I’d had.

Everything is customized for you. I don’t have a set program that I take you through. I examine the current state of your business and customize my approach to fit your specific needs and challenges. I will never try to hard sell you into bigger packages or long term contracts.

Our coaching sessions will be held over 1:1 Zoom calls. Each call will be recored for your reference and review. I love working with creatives all over the world and I would love to work with you!

  • 1:1 Live Session with Michael Janda
  • 60 Minute Video Session
  • No Longterm Obligation
  • Calls Recorded for Future Review
  • A.I. Summary of Each Session
  • Transcript of Each Session
  • No High Ticket Hard Sell

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MCA members get a 50% discount on 1:1 mentoring sessions: $250 instead of $500 per session. Already a member of MCA? Send Michael Janda a DM inside the community to request a scheduling link. Want to learn more about MCA? Visit


“Michael Janda is the guiding light that helped my agency scale from zero to over $1,000,000 in revenue in under a year. Michael’s deep experience, infinite wisdom, and fun personality make him… probably the greatest business coach out there, especially for creative freelancers and agencies. His resources helped us start our shop with a fully built operation from day one. His years of agency experience helped me work through the mental ebbs and flows of the rollercoaster ride of agency life. And he is just such a good guy! Best investment in myself and my business that I have made to date.” Hillel Hurwitz, Founder & CEO, Bald Agency

“I’ve hired 3 different coaches in the past and all of them were a total nightmare. Then about a year later……my best friend was telling me about this guy, Michael Janda. He said, he had like a 2 hour chat with him and it completely changed his approach on how is was going to run his business! Michael and I have been working with each other for months and it was been massive for me personally and professionally. He’s been an awesome resource to help bounce ideas off of, he helps keep me accountable, and has given me a clear direction on the steps I need to take to reach my goals. He helped me implement a weekly sales tracking system so I can determine where the business is coming from and what additional investments I need to make to help drive more business. He’s guided me through a strategic, “post-project process” that I never would have thought of. With his awesome design background, he helped are refine my presentations which helped me land a MASSIVE client, who literally said, “I love the way you have this all laid out, this is exactly what we were hoping.” His Calendly is “More Janda” – which is how I feel!! MORE JANDA!!” — Mark Wonderlin, Founder, Mosaic Media Films

“I can’t believe how far I’ve come after my coaching sessions with Michael! He has completely changed the way that I think about myself as a creative by teaching me the skills I needed to go from being a designer to a creative director. I now have the confidence to walk in client meetings and sit on the decision-making table. My boss thinks that the coaching sessions with Michael Janda are the best investment we ever made!” — Kaltrina Ferizi, Creative Director, Adlantica

“Starting a design firm was really scary. I knew how to make logos and make clients laugh and that was about it. Mike’s personal one-on-one coaching, listening and guidance from his real world experience sharing were incredibly helpful. His nuggets on how to manage my business, juggling clients and contracts, and looking at the numbers really did improve every aspect of my life. He helped me understand the bookkeeping bottom line, and with his coaching my firm grew from a team of 2 to 9. We landed solid contracts from his tips on talking to clients, we now know our numbers and have a successful firm turning 15 years old this month! He’s simply the kindest and truly authentic professional in the business who I highly recommend.” — Lorilee Rager, Principal + CCO, Thrive Creative Group

“We are on track to make $4-5 million this year…I can honestly say I would not be in this position if it were not for you.”

– Dain Walker, Founder and CEO of Rivyl

“Since working with Michael, I have transformed the way I run my business, I have doubled on my conversions and sales with his help. We worked together to build out each process I needed for my business as well as ensuring I had all the key components in my contract to submit to clients, this has increased my conversions massively. I feel very lucky to have met Michael and look forward to continue working together with him and growing my agency.” — Rebecca Worsley, CEO, Rainy City Marketing

“Thanks to Michael guidance and support I’m growing my business faster, with more confidence, and a clear direction. Mike’s advice is practical, easy to apply, and life saving! Our weekly sessions help me discuss important challenges, learn new tactics, and keep me motivated. Having a mentor that understands the design industry and its challenges is crucial to me, Mike cares as a partner and feels close as a friend.” — Karina Chocron, Principal & Creative Director, Vertical Loop
“As an agency owner, I was unsure about making key decisions around growth and strategy. I trusted Michael because he has decades of experience building a successful agency but more importantly, he cares. He went above and beyond to guide me and I have learned so much by observing his example as a leader, businessman, and friend. Thank you for your kindness, Michael.” — Mehrab Reza, Founder & CEO, Adlantica
“Just wanted to give you an update – the team is 18 strong now (with some new hires), and a few more are on the way. We’ve secured a 2500sq feet office in the CBD (middle of Sydney). We’re now on track to make 4-5 million this year (assuming we repeat the last 3 months/and better). We’re now charging between $30,000 – $60,000 for project (as opposed to $10,000 when you started coaching me). Jared and Emma are doing great, as is the team. Just wanted to extend me gratitude to you man, thank you so much for your leadership, advice, guidance and insight for myself this past 2 years. I can honestly say I would not be in this position if it were not for you.” — Dain Walker, Founder & CEO, Rivyl
“Michael’s coaching sessions provide invaluable advice and experience that would take us years to figure out ourselves in our Shopify Design and Development Agency. He listens to our goals and current situation and provides super easy to follow steps to stay on the right track, without overwhelm.” — Peter Carter, Director, Rainy City Marketing