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How to Start Tracking Your Business Data

MJ/N Michael Janda Newsletter
200925 September, 25, 2020

Hello Team! I loved my week, as always. I had several new coaching students this week and I continue to be amazed at the talent and ambition in the worldwide creative community. There are so many amazing people doing amazing things!

This week, I thought I’d answer a recent question I received with a robust response. Continue Reading

Finally a Valuable Newsletter from Michael Janda

Many of you have been subscribed to my “extremely occasional” newsletter for a long time. Thank you! And, many of you are new, as I have had an large influx of recent subscribers. After far too long of a delay, I have decided to finally start sharing regular emails to this group (although I promise not to inundate you and I promise to make them valuable). Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Videos on Instagram

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM // Michael Janda and Diana Briceño discuss improve your videos on instagram. First of all, don’t be afraid to just use your phone. You don’t need fancy equipment to get started. Create a loose script…just a few bullet points to help you structure your thoughts. And finally, just start! Grab your smartphone. Flip the camera. And film yourself. No more delays. Video is the now and future of social media. Time for you to get on board.

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How to Handle Client Objections

HOW TO HANDLE CLIENT OBJECTIONS // Michael Janda and Mario Quezada share their thoughts on how to handle client objections, rejections, and feedback. Don’t take your clients feedback at face value. Ask questions. Be sure you understand what they are really saying. And don’t let your clients get away with blanket statements like, “I don’t like any of these.” Talk about specifics and help them articulate the exact things they like and don’t like about a design.

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