Speaking at Synergy Digital Forum 2019, Moscow, Russia

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Speaking at the Synergy Digital Forum was the highlight of my amazing adventure to Moscow in March of 2019. It was a great conference filled with 2,500 ambitious marketers.

I spoke about “Maximizing Micro-Moments.” How does a brand capture a customer who has an 8 second attention span in a digital world where a brand story is spread across 10-20 different environments? My presentation provided a systematic way to organize content based on time buckets and content type to help marketers create an effective content plan in today’s digital world.

After my lecture, I was humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response and the opportunity to sign books #сожгисвоепортфолио and take photos with so many new friends in Russia.

Thank you Synergy Digital for including me in your awesome event! It was a wonderful experience and your team is organized, professional, and creative. I look forward to seeing you all in the future!

Michael Janda

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